Fallen Empire Guild

Fallen Sword - Browser Based Adventure Game

Welcome to the Fallen Empire Guild.

Fallen Empire is a Top 60 Guild in the online game Fallen Sword.
Our clear aim is to become a Top 10 Guild.

Allies: Wolf and Eagle, Sverige, Phools Paradise and The Dark Templars.

If you are above level 150 and really feel we cannot live without you, send a message to one of the founders, but do not expect anything.

Fallen Empire - Fallen Sword

Fallen Empire is a close-knit team of mature players who strive to help each other in any situation that might occur. And we want Quality over Quantity any day.

On this guild site we have a big and very active forum (closed to the public), but we also offer tools and calculators for everyone to use.

Feel free to use these services and they will remain open to the public.

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