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new member 9/4/2007 12:52:09 AM

I'm a Donkey. Mneeeeeeigh!
[[ gallops off ]]

Skill "Find Item" is available :) .
And, I don't have any stuff that anybody else can use, either. ²
I have 5 backpack slots, and 16 auction slots.

Donkey, signing out! ³

---the fine print---
² - if we get younger folks, I'll post stuff.
³ - Sussurus™ is not actually a donkey. Sussurus™ only impersonates donkeys because it's fun at parties. Sussurus™ is illegal in 46 states without a doctor's prescription. Sussurus™ may cause dizziness, sleepiness, cramping, intense fits of euphoria, or prolonged states of Spiritual Psychosis. Do not operate heavy machinery while under the effects of Sussurus™. A small percentage of Sussurus™ users may rarely experience Catastrophic Rectal Blowout (CRB). If you experience CRB, immediately discontinue use. (Or, don't. Whatever floats your boat.) Do not shake or agitate Sussurus™, or poke Sussurus™ with a stick. Really. Sussurus™ likes big butts, and he cannot lie. Sussurus™ is not valid with any other offers. Why are you still reading this? The makers of Sussurus™ claim no warranty of any kind about this product, neither expressly stated nor implied. Well, except the CRB portion.

edit :
we have had to kick you from the guild for now, but if you decide to come back to the game you are welcome to contact us for re-entry to Fallen Empire...Sorry to see you go, but we just had to ge rid of a lot of inactives, and had to let go the ones with least xp gained, and back pack storage available..
 Other members items Sussurus is holding - Need Help? 
 Owner Name Item Name Level Tag Quality Forged Date Held By Loaned To
 GuildStore Mancrusha Set 120 Excellent 5 2/12/07 Sussurus Avaliable

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