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new member in FE 8/27/2007 4:31:46 PM

Im the only brazillian here and have 46 years old :)

BP slots: 29 ( allways full :( )
AH slots: 4

All buffs at 150 ( with 100% fury caster) except doubler (level 100)

Im online every night here to spend stam and talk with guildmates.

00:20 05/Feb/2012
[ Ignore ] You have gained 1 Fallen Sword Points from the auction sale of Drake Shield to the player 2119112. [ donated to guild :)
 palestrina's Skills/Buffs at 100% or above

Adept Learner

Dark Curse



Find Item



Treasure Hunter


Brewing Master
 Items that belong to palestrina - Need Help? 
 Owner Name Item Name Level Tag Quality Forged Date Held By Loaned To
 palestrina Tarbidas spider sword 200 Excellent 4 24/1/08 None Avaliable
 palestrina iron ring of fenaz 185 None 5 11/10/08 GuildStore Avaliable
 palestrina amulet of dralpo 106 Perfect 5 13 jan GuildStore Avaliable
 palestrina Rune of Decay 90 Good 0 None Avaliable
 palestrina tirkin Kicking Boots 89 None 4 12/11 GuildStore Avaliable

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