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Experience Variation Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to estimate the average experience gain per stamina point, while considering many of the factors that come to play.
It is supposed to help with questions like:

  • What do I gain if I buy doubler x4 instead of doubler x3?
  • AL 160 instead of my own AL 140?
  • If I go one hit without Elite hunter compared to 2 hit with Elite Hunter?
  • If I go 2 hit + wither 150 on a lower level creature, compared to 3 hit + wither 350 on a creature at my level?

Basic bonuses Variables
Monster initial experience
Elite hunter (0 or 100)
Adept Learner
Monster level (0, 1 or 2 - levels under your level)
Estimated number of monsters per area (variable)
Animal Magnetism
Average experience per kill (includes movement costs)
Setup (1,2 or 3 - number of hits to kill)
Effective assist
Average experience per stamina

Idea / Calculations made by maegglin - Online tools made by Wzarlon

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