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level: 310
Unused skill points: 0

online a lot after school. weekends, i'm on in the morning, when i can, and then at night.

level 155 al, lib, merch, th, ld, ignite, wither, conserve, brew master, and enchant weapon with fury shrine. 4x doub also.

132 bp space
10 auction space
 me94555221's Skills/Buffs at 100% or above

Animal Magnetism

Adept Learner



Enchant Weapon

Enchanted Armor

Last Ditch

Treasure Hunter



Quest Finder


Find Item
 Items that belong to me94555221 - Need Help? 
 Owner Name Item Name Level Tag Quality Forged Date Held By Loaned To
 me94555221 Lezhal Set 200 Perfect 5 None Avaliable
 me94555221 Banshee Set 175 Perfect 5 None Jesuskid
 me94555221 Samaels Void Set 160 Perfect 0 None Avaliable
 me94555221 Reindeer Candy 150 Perfect 5 None Avaliable
 me94555221 Reindeer Antlers 150 Perfect 5 None Avaliable
 me94555221 Santork Hat 150 Perfect 5 None Avaliable
 me94555221 Santork Claws 150 Excellent 5 None Avaliable
 me94555221 Drake Armor 130 Perfect 5 None Avaliable

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