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Today, 29th December 2008 at 7pm (server time) my daughter went into labour and im eagerly awaiting news of the birth of my first grandchild

30th December 2008 at 6.10am Jaden Louise was born weighing in at a very healthy 8lb.

Both mom and baby are doing well :D
 Dizeazed's Skills/Buffs at 100% or above

Adept Learner

Holy Flame

Animal Magnetism

Brewing Master



Last Ditch

Shatter Armor


 Items that belong to Dizeazed - Need Help? 
 Owner Name Item Name Level Tag Quality Forged Date Held By Loaned To
 Dizeazed banshee helm 175 Excellent 0 None GuildStore
 Dizeazed banshee blade 175 Perfect 0 None GuildStore
 Dizeazed banshee boots 175 Perfect 0 None GuildStore
 Dizeazed banshee armor 175 Excellent 0 None GuildStore
 Dizeazed Amulet of Khale 59 None 0 None Avaliable

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