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  • Select Buff: Use dropdown menu above to select buff to add.
  • Playername: Name of the player with this buff
  • PlayerID: Equal to the ID nr. player have ingame. Find their unique ID by looking at their profile URL.
    Eg. http://www.fallensword.com/index.php?cmd=profile&player_id=389116 then 389116 is the PlayerID.
  • Buff Price: Enter price for the buff. (Format: 50000)

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You also want to see if buffers are online/offline? Well, help us spread the word to HCS. Only they can help.
This little tool is supposed to help you find specific buffers easy.
We all know how it is like to just need that one Enchant Weapon or similar to continue attacking, but noone is around with it.
Now just visit this page, select a buff in the dropdown menu and we will display players who have the specific buff you are looking for.

Just click on their name to open their game profile to check if they are online.
You can also Add New Buffers to the list.


This tool will show you:
  • Players with the specific buff you are looking for.
  • The level of the buff they offer.
  • The price for the buff they offer.
  • The number of ratings and a value between 1-5 stars. 5 is best
  • You can sort the results after price, level or name.

Need to change values? Contact one of the higher ranking players in Fallen Empire guild. (Ask nicely, please)
Moderator: boeffie
Moderator: Zukira

- Visit Official forum and discuss the tool
- New 2010 thread about the Buff tool

- Notice: This list will be flushed when the Game resets Skill points.

Help us with spreading the word about this tool:
You can support this tool by helping us to spread the word about its existence. If you got a website you can grab the code below and insert on your website, or feel free to mention us in forums where Fallen Sword players meet.

Buffer tool made by Wzarlon.

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